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DSA News for August 2020 2020-08-30
DSA COVID-19 Update 2019-11-20
DSA News for November 2019 2019-11-18
DSA News for June 2019 2019-06-13
DSA News for March 2019 2019-03-24
DSA News - Rule changes, renew memberships and more latest news 2018-12-05
DSA News - DanceSport on TV, State Opens, National Update Meeting and more 2018-10-16
DSA News - 600 Newcomers, Division Definitions , State Elections and More 2018-08-04
DSA News: Marvellous Moomba, WA Open, Fantastic Flash Mob and more! 2018-05-13
DSA News - Dues, Rec clarified, State news, Moomba & more 2018-03-04
DSA News - Moomba & Xmas Gong Special 2017-12-13
its the DanceSport Australia November 2017 Update 2017-11-18
its the DanceSport Australia September 2017 Update 2017-09-19
here is the DSA July Newsletter 2017-07-19
ere is the DanceSport Australia May 2017 Update 2017-01-14


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