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Event Organisers

The Event Organiser is a person or a group of people delegated to organising, promoting and running an Event registered with DanceSport Australia. Sometimes they are private individuals and other times they may be a delegated committee of an established Dance Society or DanceSport Australia.

Event Organisers agree to abide by DSA Rules & Policies and carry an appropriate Public Liability Insurance. Adherence to DSA Rules & Policies creates consistency for competitors, Coaches and Adjudicators.

It is worth noting that there are many features of an Event that Organisers can modify within the existing Rules.

A simple example of this is that an Organiser may require competitors to compete in only their Grade while another Organiser might allow competitors to compete in the next higher Grade. Generally speaking, large competitions will require competitors to compete in their Grades because it would be impossible to run the Event otherwise. Always consult the Event Terms and Conditions

Any person, Society or group can apply to become an Event Organiser, contact the Administration Team through the Contact Us page with your details so that registration can be completed.


Terms and Conditions for Promoters and Organisers

* Promoters and Organisers must familiarise themselves with the Rules of Dancesport, particularly those relating to the Registration and Licensing of Events and the Event Regulation Sections. DSA Rules and Policies are available here on the website.

* A registration application is not approved until the CEO or his/her appointed officer issues an advice that it is approved. The word 'Proposed' will be removed from the DSA calendar on approval.

* Promoters and Organisers must ensure that registered events are announced as being "Registered by Dancesport Australia" and this must be included on notices, flyers and advertisements. This includes on-line content.

* Promoters and Organisers undertake to meet the payment of advertised prizes and expenses of competitors, adjudicators and officials as well as any other benefits claimed or offered in advertisements or invitations to participate in the event.

* Promoters must have Public Liability Insurance for the registered event.

* The results of an event are to be determined by the use of a DSA approved scrutineering method. The application of this method is to be carried out by qualified Scrutineers who are registered with DSA and by a computerised scrutineering system endorsed by DSA. Results are to be uploaded at the conclusion of the event to the DSA website.

* A Chairperson of Adjudicators is to be appointed for registered Competitions, Championships and National Championships. National Championship Chairperson is to be approved by National Council.

Public Liability Insurance - Indemnity

In consideration of DSA considering this application the applicant undertakes to maintain the public liability insurance policy in full force and effect at least until the conclusion of the event to which this application relates and hereby indemnifies DSA from and against any and all liability whatsoever which it may incur or have claimed against it in relation to the conduct of the event of any incident occurring in connection with the event and this indemnity extends to include all legal costs incurred by DSA in relation to any such claim or incident.

Codes of Conduct

DanceSport Australia is committed to providing a sport and work environment free of discrimination and harassment (sexual or otherwise), where individuals are treated with respect and dignity, and where children are protected from abuse. DanceSport Australia will not tolerate behavior, which constitutes abuse; discrimination or harassment under any circumstances and will take disciplinary action against anyone who breaches our Member Protection Policy. Failure to meet these requirements could lead to a report being submitted to the Branch Ethics and Conduct Committee.