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Welcome to the DanceSport Australia On-Line Spectator Ticket System.
Competitions/Events which have ticketing administered through DSA are listed below.
Select one of the Events to start the Ticket process.

NOTE: This portal is not for 'Competitor Tickets'. If the competition you are competing at requires a 'Competitor Ticket' it will be issued at the time of placing your entry to that competition.

Event Venue Date
2023 Evolution DanceSport Championship La Trobe University Union Hall Sat 7 Oct 2023
2023 ADS Qld Dance Odyssey Springfield Central Community Centre Sat 14 Oct 2023
2023 DME Champions of the Future - Nov Roselea Community Cantre, Beecroft, NSW Sun 12 Nov 2023
2023 Jively Light It Up Christmas Extravaganza Caboolture Memorial Hall Sat 16 Dec 2023