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When does
Elevation Occur

To be considered for Elevation a competitor must have reached a minimum of 60 Points.

Elevation Threshold

This is the number of points required for elevating. A Threshold of 60 Points could be reached by the following examples; a competitor could win the Australian Championship, 3 State Opens or Championships, or 6 competitions. Or any other combination that adds up to 60 Points. Points are awarded to the individual, competitors within a partnership may have different Elevation Points.

Elevation Date

This is when the elevation is applied to the competitors record. This would occur on the 1st January each year this would give assurance for competitors and parents as to the Grade they will compete in during the competition year.

Should the 'Elevation Date' not suit, a competitor has the right to self-elevate.
An application for self elevation can be made to either a State Board or through the Contact Admin Team page.