RTF Application

If you are reading this it is assumed you have read the 'Benefits' and 'Requirements' of a Registered Teaching Facility. This is important because as an RTF you have both rights & responsibilities.

DanceSport Australia encourages all applicants to fully investigate if becoming an RTF is correct for your business model.

By lodging an RTF Application you agree to be bound by the RTF Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions please use our Contact DanceSport Australia Form form.

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Here are the compulsory pieces of information that are required to commence your application;

Provided you supply these DSA can follow up on your other details. Always remember that the details you supply here will be the details that appear on the RTF Listing and any future marketing exercises.


Payment for your RTF for 2023 will be $50 and is required to be paid online through PayPal. DanceSport Australia does not keep any financial details of the transaction other than the payment confirmation supplied by PayPal.


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