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Points Required
for Elevation

Recreational Division competitors will commence at the Level of Beginner, the Under 16 Division and Amateur Division competitors will commence in C Grade, for all styles.

Points are assigned to competitor's accounts for competition results as well as Participation (Recreational Division) and Bonus Points (Under 16 and Amateur Division).

Points are reviewed and elevations processed every year on the 1st January and the 1st July. If the required threshold is reached at this time the competitor is 'elevated' to the next Level (Recreational Division) or Grade (Under 16 and Amateur Division).



Beg to Int

Int to Adv

All Recreational
Age Groups

150 Points

250 Points


C to B

B to A

Under 16 Division

150 Points

150 Points

Over 16 Age Groups
U21/Adult/ Masters

250 Points

250 Points


NOTE: Juvenile and Junior in the Under 16 Division will 'drop back' one Grade when moving to the next Age Group. For example a Junior A Grade competitor turning 16 will become an U21 B Grade competitor.