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Day Pass

Competitors who are unregistered with DanceSport Australia may purchase a Day Pass which will give a temporary Recreational or Under 16 registration for a competition. This process will give you a CID Number which you will use to enter events on the designated day.

Day Passes are for Recreational and Under 16 competitors only, competitors who are (or have) been previously registered in the Amateur Division may not apply for a Day Pass.


The cost of the Day Pass for 2023 is $10 and is paid through PayPal.


3 Steps to get a Day Pass

  1. 1. Apply On-Line with your Name, Date of Birth, State and a valid Email Address.

  2. 2. Select the Competition.

  3. 3. Pay the Day Pass fee via Paypal.

After payment the Administration Team will allocate a your activated CID Number which you will use to place your Entry. You will be notified through the Email Address you provided in the On-Line Application.



Validating Your Email

All entries need to be linked to an Email Address that belongs to you. It is for this reason that all Email Addresses are validated.

If your DanceSport Australia Username is a valid email address then you are already validated.

If you are accessing the system for the first time you will be sent an email with a link that will validate the Email Address. An Email Address is only validated once and will remain validated on your return visit even if it is to place an entry for a different competition.