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How is Para Dance Judged?

DSA is guided by World Para Dance Sport rules.

All Para Dance events are judged by licensed DSA Adjudicators.


Summary of Judging Criteria from the Would Para Dance Sport Rules

Attention should be given to the wheelchair dancer as the main part of the couple.

The basic movements of wheelchair dancers should be visible and adapted in the rhythmical control of their wheelchair as well as in appropriate integration of rhythmical head, arm, shoulder and upper body movements.

The basic movements of the standing athletes are orientated to the usual movements in international Dance Sport.

Judging Criteria consist of the couples aims, musicality, movement, chorography, presentation and charisma


Couples are accesssed on following aspects of their performance:

1. Technique (quality of movements)

2. Choreography, Presentation, Charisma

3. Difficulty Level

Participants will get points for the achievement factor of the overall performance. Effort and challenge should be visible, and will be valued according to the competitor’s abilities and classifications.