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Your DanceSport results, points and elevation status are tracked using a Computer Identification number, this is your CID Number. Your CID Number is a unique number that will never change.

Name State CID
(anita) Soup Kwaan NSW 502323
Aaliyah Abdul-Rahman NSW 504741
Aaliyah Currey NSW 504897
Aaliyah Abdulrahman NSW 505017
Aaliyah Hawthorn NSW 505574
Aaliyah Currie Vic 508268
Aaliyah Leilani Chou Lee NSW 506439
Aalto Koolloos NSW 504870
Aaron Collins Vic 500071
Aaron Hu Vic 500158


Your DanceSport Administration Team

Administrators are highly experienced members who volunteer their time for the benefit of DanceSport.

DanceSport Administrators are located in most States so that they can provide help regarding any DanceSport related enquiry.