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Development Competition

DSA is responsible for the registration, management, conduct and development of DanceSport events in Australia. This responsibility is incumbent in the Government funding DSA state branches receive as State Sporting Associations. In accordance with their strategic plans, they are required to invest in infrastructure that promotes growth in participation.

In combination with the State branch commitment to their strategic plans, DanceSport Australia’s commitment to DanceSport Australia , and the future benefit of all in the whole DanceSport family, the DanceSport Development concept has been created. This concept will provide a user-friendly entry to DanceSport at the grass-roots level with the opportunity to develop their dancing within a nationally recognised, structurally consistent competition environment with minimal to zero cost on entry DanceSport competitions.

The 'Development Competition' program is part of delivering the required components of the DanceSport Australia initiative to reach 5,000 members within five years.

View the Pilot Program PDF: development_pilot_program_v1.pdf


'Development Competitions' are displayed on the DSA Calendar in a RED BLOCK, CLICK HERE to view the DSA Calendar.


Development Summary

Competitions registered with DSA as a DanceSport Development Competition must have: