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1.  National Election Year

This year is a DSA National Election year - nominations are now open for National Council. Current serving members of State Branch Boards, a National Councillor, or those persons who have served a minimum of two (2) years on a Branch Board or National Council are eligible to nominate for election to the National Council. Elected persons will serve as Company Directors for 2 years.

Nominations (including photo and resume) can be submitted by email to the General Secretary – . Nominations will close on 5pm Friday 6 August, 2021.

For more information regarding eligibility, voting procedures and election timeline, please visit

About National Elections

National council elections are held every 2 years wherein eligible DanceSport Australia Members will define 10 people who will become Directors of DanceSport Australia Ltd.

The elected persons will then serve as Company Directors for 2 years and be required to assume the legal responsibility of a Company Director (as directed by ASIC) as well as attend Director meetings.

Voting is completed On-Line through your Account. No personal data or information referring to your identity is recorded with your vote.

To be eligibe to cast a vote in the National Council election you must;

NOTE: Recreational and Athlete License competitors are NOT Full Members however they may apply for an Ordinary Membership and be eligible to vote in State and National elections provided they meet the above criteria..

National Election voting will start Monday Aug 23rd 2021

For members eligibility to vote please see:

2.  Coaches and Competitors Open Meeting - Competition restructure proposal

An open meeting for Coaches and Competitors has been advertised - they can log into their DSA member account to access the Zoom link. This is to discuss the competition restructure proposal.    To share this news on Facebook click here

Open meetings for all DSA Coaches and Competitors will be conducted on Thursday 22nd July 2021.

Open Meetings for Coaches and Competitors

Two open meetings have been scheduled for Thursday 22nd July for DanceSport Coaches and Competitors.

Both these meetings are to discuss possible changes in competition structure to address issues both long standing and Covid related.

Meetings will be held on-line using Zoom. The link for meetings will be each Members online account.

Other News

XVIII Australian Masters Games Perth (  

Play Time In Perth | Australian Masters Games   Contact Adam Penn for details! Masters Games, DSWA Events Mandurah & WA Open Info

DSWA 2021 Calendar as at 04/07/21    

Screed  Event Guidelines  Entries close Friday 30 July

Competitions in WA

POSTPONED - 2021 Zahira Crystals Perth Ballroom Challenge (WA) Sun 4 July 2021
2021 AID Annual Championship (WA) Sun 8 Aug 2021
2021 DMIA Star Championships (WA) Sun 22 Aug 2021
2021 ADS Golden West Championship (WA) Sun 19 Sep 2021
2021 Australian Masters Games - Perth (WA) Sat 16 Oct 2021
2021 Livelighter DanceSport WA Open Championships (WA) Sat 23 Oct 2021
2021 AID Rising Star Championship (WA) Sun 14 Nov 2021