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FAQ Amateur Division

What Age Groups and Divisions are required to adhere to the prescribed New Vogue holds? 385
Am I allowed to speak to my coach on the day of a competition? 372
What happens if I am called up to the Chairman of Adjudicators on the day of a competition? 307
Can I enter a competition on the day of that competition? 282
What happens if I need to withdraw from a competition or a specific event at a competition? 256
How do I pay for my Membership? 142
I just paid but it still says I'm "NOT FINANCIAL"? 140
Help I can't login - what do I do? 128
My points are missing? 124
I pressed the "Reset Password" button but nothing happened? 123
My date of birth is wrong, how do I fix it? 112
How do I change my name? 108
How do I change my contact details? 106
How do I transfer from Recreational to Amateur Division? 96
Who can dance Pro/Student events? 6
Who can dance Pro/Am events? 5
Who can dance Teacher/Recreational events? 3
Who can dance Teacher/Student events? 2
Username help 1