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Can I enter a competition on the day of that competition?


You should never turn up at a competition wishing to compete without first submitting your entry prior to the entry closing date. There are several reasons for this: • You can be refused permission to dance by the organiser of the competition. • It can have significant negative effects on the timetabling of the day of a competition, and this is likely to disadvantage those who did enter by the competition’s entry deadline. • You may not be fully aware of the conditions of entry for that competition and may, therefore, not be able to participate in some events you thought you could enter. • You may not be financial with DanceSport Australia and there is no guarantee a DSA official will be there to process your membership. You should always ensure you are financial with DanceSport Australia, submit your entry prior to the closing date of a competition and never turn up expecting to be permitted to dance in a competition for which you have not entered by the entry closing date.