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South Australia State Branch

Chair: John Henderson,

Executive Officer: Oryst Tkacz - Email:, Mob: 0403 971 624

Coach Reps: Madeleine Zoanetti, Annalisa Zoanetti

Competitor Reps: Oryst Tkacz, John Henderson

General: Firas Andary, Karen Mills, Tali Masky, Yvonne Gibbons, Neville Lawton

The State Branch Board meets regularly, every month subject to a clash of events.

Please direct enquiries to the Executive officer by email; 





DanceSport Australia SA is pleased to announce that the SA OPEN Championships returns in 2020 - bigger, brighter and better...
In 2020 we will be returning to the spiritual home of DanceSport in SA - the Wonderland Ballroom.

DATE: Sunday, July 12, 2020

Location: Wonderland Ballroom, 126 Belair Road, Mitcham, SA 5062


Sigurdur Thor Sigurdsson and Annalisa Zoanetti to ignite the SA OPEN 2020

JULY 12 2020

DanceSport Australia (SA) in partnership with the Australian dancing Society (SA), are working in partnership to present the SA Open DanceSport Championship 2020. This event will be held 12 July, at the Wonderland Ballroom, AUDC Hall.

Evening Grand Finals to start at 7:00pm.

DanceSport Australia (SA) and Australian Dancing Society (SA), are working as Joint Venture Partners to present this year’s event to ensure its success and contribute to the fabric of the DanceSport Event Calendar

Icelandic Representative Couple – Sigurdur Thor Sigurdsson and Annalisa Zoanetti - are the star attraction providing an exciting evening Floorshow to excite and inspire the audience.

The first ever SA Open was held in 2002 and subsequent years has seen this become a regular feature of the Championship Circuit of Australian DanceSport attracting interest from ALL states of Australia, bringing together Competitors, of all ages to seek the title of BEST couple and boost their National Rankings.

Juniors (Under 16), Adults, Masters and Professionals compete for honours as the best in their categories.

Amateurs, All Abilities, Pro-Am and Recreational competitors all combine to make the sport of DanceSport an inclusive and active pastime for ALL ages. Couples compete in heats to reach a final and present their very best in a glittering and dazzling event that brings a sparkle to the eye of the beholder.

General Dancing will be a feature of the day and evening program

Join the Adelaide Dance Community to make this a special event to be remembered

Items of special interest for 2020:

Floorshow by Annalisa Zoanetti and Sigurdur Thor Sigurdsson

Inclusive events – ParaDance and other forms

Formation Teams Event

Start your own planning to be a part of 2020 in Adelaide


Child Safe Environments

DanceSport SA is very supportive of State and National regulatory bodies seeking to ensure DanceSport members are screened for Child Safe Environments. Across Australia regulatory bodies and increasingly looking to ensure Child Safe Environments are maintained and supported by local sporting and nonsporting bodies. DanceSport SA is now in a position to provide support for DSA members in SA seeking a DSCI check, to ensure they are screened according to Legislation enacted in July 2019. DSA members who officiate, coach, adjudicate or volunteer on a regular basis, need to be screened. Volunteers for DSA (SA) can have their DSCI completed for FREE, by submitting your details, including contact details and email address to DSA SA, who will then initiate the screening process locally, on their behalf. Send your request and details to the DSA (SA) Executive Officer:

DSA SA is RECOMMENDING that ALL Coaches, Event Promoters, Adjudicators, Scrutineers and Volunteers who are involved in any DanceSport event or activity where children are in attendance, should ensure that they have a CURRENT WWCC

If you complete a Volunteers WWCC, THEN, if you decide/need to "work" with Children, then a separate WWCC will be required.

If you seek a WWCC that covers you for working with children then you are also covered as a volunteer

A WWCC lasts for 5 years

Ensure that you apply for your DSCI Screening Check well in advance of any expiring screens, as the process takes 3 weeks to complete.

DanceSport Australia (SA) is working hard to maintain a Child Safe Environment.

Please submit a record of your UI [Unique ID for a Valid WWCC] to DanceSport Australia SA - we are reequired to maintain records of WWCC for our membership

Members and the General Public can seek further information by sending an email to the Executive Officer: or seek further regulatory information at 

Calling on the SA Dance Community

The local DanceSport Branch would also love to hear from everyone involved in dancing as to how we can help the sport to grow. Whether you are a studio owner, a teacher or a social dancer, we all need to work together to ensure this great pastime continues.

Volunteers are always welcome to help with a range of tasks and activities.

Any and all of the Branch Board would be happy to hear your thoughts and ideas, please feel free to chat to us at a cabaret or contact us online via:

Facebook: DanceSport South Australia:






Competitions in SA

CANCELLED - 2020 SA Open DanceSport Championships (SA) Sun 12 July 2020