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Welcome to SA Noticeboard


South Australia State Branch

Chair: John Henderson,

Executive Officer: Oryst Tkacz - Email:, Mob: 0403 971 624

Coach Reps: Madeleine Zoanetti, Annalisa Zoanetti

Competitor Reps: Oryst Tkacz, John Henderson

General: Giselle West, Firas Andary, Karen Mills, Tali Masky


The State Branch Board meets regularly, every month subject to a clash of events.

Please direct enquiries to the Executive officer by email;

DanceSport Moves in SA

The Adelaide Spectacular in March was another great success as it launched the serious start to the competition year for Dancesport. Top level Adult, Masters and Youth competitors were drawn to one of their favourite Australian venues, Wonderland for this wonderful event.  While the local competitors all performed strongly, the visitors were victorious in the many of the Open events with Adult couples: . The listing of this event as a Fringe performance looked to be a very successful initiative. Well done to DASA for the work they put into running this event for South Australia.

Crown Championships 2019 – SA Stands Tall

The Crown International Dancesport in Melbourne’s Crown Palladium Ballroom in April is always a huge event as it combines ballroom, theatrical and a Pro-Am event over two ballrooms on two days. Our Master’s competitors did us proud with all of them making finals and winning and placing throughout these events.


Rhett English and Jacqui Krahnert in action Crown 2019

The Crown Pro-Am / Teacher-student event on day two is a unique event in the Dancesport calendar as it assesses all of the competitors individually and provides them with a total score out of 100 for each event that they enter. The benefit here is that no matter what level dancer you are you can still see on an individual level how you perform and more specifically if you return for a second or third time, see how you have improved over that time. The competition is also less stressful as there are generally only low numbers of teachers with students on the floor and because of the nature of the event, it is unlikely that you are directly competing against those other couples as everyone is mixed in together, so students can just go out onto the floor and do their thing.



Teacher Clint Fiedler with Sarah Quinn, Xie Fen Shen and Tranh Tam Thi Pham

Chris White in action with Sigurdur Thor Sigurdsson. Crown 2019

Torehn Loboh and Annalisa Zoanetti in action. Crown 2019

This year there was a great contingent of South Australians with eleven students competing. 


At grass roots level the DanceSport Australia –South Australian Committee have been working hard on their schools’ program with the objective of increasing the participation of children in DanceSport. The local Dancesport Community supported this program, in 2018, through attending the 2018 movie night Fundraiser. All of these funds are allocated solely for this program. The DanceSport committee has developed a curriculum suitable for incorporating into a school physical education program and this in conjunction with the supporting documentation is currently being refined so as to be acceptable for use in the education system. Once this documentation has been finalised it is envisaged that the three registered Dancesport studios of Madeleine’s Dance Emporio, Dance Gallery and Destiny Dancesport will place expressions of interest for qualified teachers to assist with delivering the program. An Official Launch is imminent in 2019.

The planning for the Movie Night Fundraising activity for 2019 is well underway with a great opportunity to see a first release movie, again at the Mitcham Hoyts Cinemas. The details are soon to be released.


Child Safe Environments

DanceSport SA is very supportive of State and National regulatory bodies seeking to ensure DanceSport members are screened for Child Safe Environments. Across Australia regulatory bodies and increasingly looking to ensure Child Safe Environments are maintained and supported by local sporting and nonsporting bodies. DanceSport SA is now in a position to provide support for DSA members in SA seeking a DCSI check, to ensure they are screened according to impending 2019 legislation. DSA members who officiate, coach, adjudicate or volunteer on a regular basis, are encouraged to be screened. This can be done by submitting your details, including contact details and email address to DSA SA, who will then initiate the screening process locally, on their behalf.

Send your request and details to the DSA SA Executive Officer [Oryst Tkacz] to

This must be done well in advance of any expiring screens, as the process takes 3 weeks to complete

DanceSport Australia (SA) is working hard to maintain a Child Safe Environment.

Members and the General Public can seek further information by sending an email to the Executive Officer: or seek further regulatory information at 


Calling on the SA Dance Community

The local DanceSport Branch would also love to hear from everyone involved in dancing as to how we can help the sport to grow. Whether you are a studio owner, a teacher or a social dancer, we all need to work together to ensure this great pastime continues.

Any and all of the Branch Board would be happy to hear your thoughts and ideas, please feel free to chat to us at a cabaret or contact us online via:

Facebook: DanceSport South Australia




See the source image

DanceSport Australia South Australia Branch

are pleased to present our annual movie event

raising money towards bringing a professional

Dance Program to our school children.


Your support is greatly appreciated.


The movie, YESTERDAY, is a musical comedy starring Himesh Patel, Lily James,

Kate McKinnon and Ed Sheeran.  Directed by Danny Boyle (Sunshine, Slumdog Millionaire).

It is a story of a musician who, after an accident, finds himself in

a world where he is the only person who remembers The Beatles.

   A  fun  way  to  bring  those  classic  songs  back to  the  big  screen!

Join us at Wallis Mitcham Cinema,

Level 1, Mitcham Shopping Centre, 119 Belair Road, Torrens Park South Aust. 5062

Date: Sunday  July 14th,  2019                       Time:  3.30 pm


Door prize included  and  we will have a basket of goodies to raffle on the night.

Tickets are $15.00 per person and available from:


Online ticketing link…..



Competitions in SA

2020 DASA Adelaide Spectacular Ballroom Dancing Championship (SA) Sun 19 March 2020