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About National Elections

National council elections are held every 2 years wherein eligible DanceSport Australia Members will define 10 people who will become Directors of DanceSport Australia Ltd.

The elected persons will then serve as Company Directors for 2 years and be required to assume the legal responsibility of a Company Director (as directed by ASIC) as well as attend Director meetings.

Voting is completed On-Line through your Account. No personal data or information referring to your identity is recorded with your vote.

To be eligible to cast a vote in the National Council election you must;

NOTE: Recreational and Athlete License competitors are NOT Full Members however they may apply for an Ordinary Membership and be eligible to vote in State and National elections provided they meet the above criteria..

National Election voting will start Friday 1st September 2023


For more information about how to vote please visit our instruction page here: 'How to Vote'.