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The Under 16 Division

Competitors who are under the age of 16 years will compete in the Under 16 Division.

DanceSport Australia has a Graded competition format using the naming conventions of A, B and C. When new competitors join the Under 16 Divion they are designated C Grade for all styles.

Competitors in the Under 16 Division accumulate 'Points' and when a required amount of points is reached they move up to the next Grade. To ensure minimal disruption to competitors and Competition Organisers the elevation of competitors is done twice yearly on the 1st January and the 1st July.


Under 16 Agegroups

a person's age is defined through their 'year of birth'

For fairness to competitors the Under 16 Division has 3 Agegroups Sub-Juvenile, Juvenile and Junior.

To calculate a child's DanceSport AGE simply subtract their 'year of birth' from the current year, for example;

2024 [current year] - 2009 [their birth year]=15 [DSA AGE]

Age Group



9 & under

2015 or later

2016 or later

12 & under

2012 or later

2013 or later

13, 14 or 15

2009 to 2011

2010 to 2012