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Result Points Formula

The 'Result Points' formula is exactly the same for both Recreational, Under 16 and Amateur Divisions. This formula is used to calculate 'Base Points' awarded in Graded events.

The maximum number of 'Result Points' awarded is the inverse of the number of competitors in the event, including final, semi final and any rounds.

In practice the scrutineering system will rank each event in a competition, this will include all rounds, from 1st place to last place ensuring all competitors are accounted for. Where couples are tied on the same place they will receive equal points as they are of equal ranking. It is the 'Ranking Position' which determine the points allocated.


Formula: Result Points=(Total in Event + 1) - Ranking Position


For example: In a competition with twenty couples participating, the Result Points will be awarded as in the table below;

Ranked 1st=(20+1)-1=20 points
Ranked 2nd=(20+1)-2=19 points
Ranked 3rd=(20+1)-3=18 points
if two couples are tied on 4th place both
receive the same Points
Ranked 4th=(20+1)-4=17 points
the next Ranked place will be 6th because
of the tie for the 4th position

... and so on...

To view a Ranking Report (.pdf) from a competition Click Here.

In this example you will see in the Quarter Final there is a tie for 14th position. Both couples would receive 15 points and the 16th couple would receive 13 points.