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Introduction to the
Amateur Points System

The 'Points' system was introduced in 2014 for the Recreational Division and has worked seamlessly with results automatically updated directly from the scrutineering system to Recreational competitors online accounts. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from competitors due to its ease of use and rich online content.

2015 saw the extension of the points system to the Amateur Division with a few minor changes. Recerational competitors automatically receive points from their results and from 'Participation Points', while the Under 16 and Amateur Division competitors mainly receive points based on their results. It is this change that weights the Recreational Points in favor of 'participation', while Amateur Points are biased towards 'results'. It was a design intent that both system be as close as possible for easy transfer of competitors from the Recreational Division to the Amateur Division.

In a Nutshell

Essentially the points system is consists of two parts;

  1. Base Points awarded for the place in a Graded event,

  2. Bonus Points to assist specific Age Groups and regions..

At the end of a Competition the data from all events is transferred electronically to the DSA database. There is no marking of registration cards and your results will be online as soon as the upload is applied to the database.

All DSA Members will have an online account where they can view results and the points gained from competing. Their online accounts will also give them access to the Points Redemption System where they can trade points for goods and services from DSA authorised Vendors.