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Fresh NSW Board for 2021

The recent state elections spawned several changes to the DSNSW Board. Firstly, on behalf of all our members, I would like to thank Mr Steve Edwards for 20 plus years of dedicated service to the industry. Steve stepped down from his role on the board and has agreed to stay in touch with existing board members as a source of invaluable advice. Thank you Steve. We have also seen the inclusion of three new members to our Board; Rebecca Barlow, Brad Dawes and Donna Shingler as general members. We look forward to venturing into 2021 with fresh and exciting ideas for our dancers here in NSW.

DSNSW Workshop Series

On February the 21st, the Dancesport NSW Board are presenting the first in what is to be an annual Series of Workshops. Our first instalment will be conducted at the well known Petersham Town Hall where our members will be able to attend free of charge. We welcome NSW's own Blackpool Champions Mr Paul Green and the beautiful Mrs  Donna Shingler, along with Mark Sullivan for a coaching session. The goal of these workshops is to engage and inspire the NSW dancing community after what has been an unusual and frustrating 2020. A truly unmissable opportunity to look forward to and learn with our state's most distinguished educators.

Along with the fostering of motivation through these workshops, DSNSW will be looking to work more closely with our competitors. We aim to give the competitors a voice and open a channel of communication where dancers can feel that Dancesport is serving their interests and motivations. Before the lectures kick off, we will conduct a meeting with our dancers to establish a regular time we may conduct these discussions.  An exciting time for dancers.

Regular Zoom Meetings for RTFs

Regular conversation with our industry's frontline is also on our agenda. We will be initiating a monthly Zoom meeting with our RTFs, studio principles and coaches. The aim of these meeting is to enable our members to share information, and to create a feedback mechanism between the NSW industry and DSNSW. These meetings are for you. Please register your interest at and we will send you the details.

2021 NSW Open

The Dancesport NSW Board has some exciting plans for our State Championships in 2021. We have a new, historic and inspiring venue we hope to call home for many years to come. We are looking to unveil a fresh faced competition our members are motivated to attend. Stay tuned.

Competitions in NSW

2021 DME Champions of the Future - March (NSW) Sun 21 Mar 2021
2021 ADS State Super Star Spectacular - New South Wales (NSW) NEW DATE - Sun 18 Apr 2021
2021 Yarrawonga Festival of Dance (NSW) Sun 2 May 2021
2021 ADS Sydney City DanceSport Classic (NSW) Sun 16 May 2021
2021 Twin Cities Dance Festival (NSW) Sat 29 May 2021
2021 ADS NSW Tots 2 Teens (NSW) Sun 13 Jun 2021
2021 H.A.R.S Wollongong National Championships (NSW) Sat 26 & Sun 27 Jun 2021
2021 ADS Galaxy DanceSport Classic (NSW) Sun 1 Aug 2021
2021 NSW Open DanceSport Championship (NSW) Sun 19 Sep 2021
2021 ADS NSW Tots 2 Teens 2 (NSW) Sun 17 Oct 2021
2021 ADS East Coast Classic National Championship (NSW) Sat 6 & Sun 7 Nov 2021
2021 Oceania Dancesport Championship (NSW) Sat 27 Nov 2021
2021 DME Champions of the Future - December (NSW) Sun 5 Dec 2021