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About Accreditation

The role of both the Coach, Adjudicator and Scrutineer is seen as being of considerable importance from a variety of perspectives and requires training, supported by a comprehensive and properly regulated syllabus and process for accreditation, in order to effectively meet the challenges these roles can present.

NOTE: Persons aspiring to be a Chairperson of Adjudicators must hold a Level 2 Adjudicator Licence in all 3 Styles and be a qualified Scrutineer.

Since the inception of DanceSport Australia, the Accreditation System for Coaches and Adjudicators has been developed along the lines of the Australian Sports Commission to offer the highest standards and constant learning path to achieve a high level of accreditation. The system incorporates clearly defined criteria of the learning requirements for the respective levels of accreditation in a developed career path encompassing world’s best practices.

DSA assessors include Australian’s leading authorities, ensuring that a high standard in all technical assessments is maintained. The aim of this program for accreditation is to assist with the production of highly qualified and knowledgeable accredited Coaches and Adjudicators and which will in turn enhance the profile of DanceSport. Successful candidates can be assured that they have achieved distinction.


Membership of DanceSport Australia is a prerequisite for all persons seeking accreditation as a Coach, Adjudicator or Scrutineer within Australia.

It is a requirement that all DSA members who wish to Coach, Adjudicate or Scrutineer in the Australian DanceSport environment must hold the specifically prescribed accreditation qualifications, the validity of which expires when the holders' DSA registration fee falls into arrears.


Candidate Information

Level 1 Instructor / Competition Adjudicator

Standard Technical Assessment

Latin American Technical Assessment

New Vogue Technical Assessment


Level 2 Coach / Championship Adjudicator

Standard Technical Assessment

Latin American Technical Assessment

New Vogue Technical Assessment



Scrutineer Technical Assessment

Introduction to the Skating System

Skating System Workbook