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Q & A

If I'm the only competitor do I still get 'Points'?

Yes, there is no minimum number of couples required, all events get points. Of course if you were the only competitor then you would receive only 1 'Result Point'.


Do I get 'Points' for competing in Open Events?

Yes, all DSA events receive Points, however in Open Events the points are considered Bonus Points and competitors can elect to not to receive Bonus Points.


Do I keep excess Points when I elevate?

No, your elevation points will be reset to zero when you elevate.


Are my Points reset each year?

No, 'Points' are only reset when a competitor elevates. If a competitor has insufficient 'Points' at the 'Elevation Date' he/she will keep those points into the new assessment period.


Do I lose my Redemption Points when I elevate?

NO, The 'Redemption Points' you have collected are a separate system which is not reset when elevating.


Do I keep dancing in the same Grade even though I have reached 250 Points?

Yes, regardless of the number of points accumulated competitors will compete at the same Level or Grade until the next 'Elevation Date'.


Do A Grade and Professional competitors get Points?

Yes, all competitors receive Points. Obviously these points will not be used for elevating but these competitors will get their Redemption Points that can be used for Vouchers.



If you have any questions further please send them via the Contact DSA page.