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Recreational Points

Recreational competitors will be allocated 'Points' when they compete in registered DSA Recreational events.

These Points will be used for;

  1. Providing a basis of an 'Elevation System', and

  2. A Voucher Program in which competitors can redeem points they have collected for goods and services offered by DSA recognised Vendors.

The Formula

Points are given in two parts, first being for the 'Result' obtained in an event and the second being for the 'Participation' in that event.


Result Points

This is a very simple formula based on the number of competitors in the event. For example an event that has 6 competitors will be awarded 6 points for first, 5 for second, 4 for third ... and so on ... to the final place who will receive 1 point. Everybody will receive points regardless of how big or small the event is. If the event spans several 'Rounds' then all the 'Rounds' will be taken into consideration when the calculation is done.


Participation Points

DSA recognises the need to encourage participation, it is only through experience that competitors develop good technique and mature as dancers. It is for this reason that DSA awards 'Participation Points' based on the experience a competitor gains within a particular event.

Participation Points are awarded on the following basis;

  1. Events where only one of the partnership is adjudicated, for example a Best Girl or Best Boy event, will be awarded 5 points.

  2. Events where both competitors are being adjudicated as a couple but are competing against a limited group, for example a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Level event, will be awarded 10 points.

  3. Open Couple Events, which are events that are open to all couples within a recognised Age Division, will be awarded 20 points.