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Optional Bonus Points

Bonus Points are awarded to Amateur Division competitors to assist in the accumulation of points for elevation to the next Grade.


Bonus Points are optional, that means Amateur competitors can choose if Bonus Points are to be included in the total points for elevation.

The default setting for Bonus Points is that they will be added to the total points for elevation. Click here to see how to change this setting.


On the elevation dates of 1st January & 1st July (each year) the Bonus Point Status setting within each competitor's account will be used to determin if the Bonus Points described below are included in the total points for elevation. The status of the Bonus Points can be changed at any time prior to the elevation date.


Bonus Points for Juvenile & Junior Amateurs

For Juvenile and Junior competitors; 'Bonus' points (per style) will be awarded to competitors for each COMPETITION they compete at. Whilst this is similar to the Recreational Division, it varies slightly in that a competitor will only receive the bonus points for the competition (per style), NOT for every event the dance in.

The rationale behind these bonus points relates to the limited time that these competitors are in these Age Groups. A Juvenile competitor has, on average, two years to move from C Grade to A Grade and when they move into the Junior Age Group their Grade will reset to C Grade again. It is important that elevation be achievable within the term of Juvenile and Junior so as to provide motivation for achievement.

Bonus Points are awarded on the Competition Status as follows:

  1. Competition=5 points (per style)

  2. Championship=10 points (per style)

  3. National Championship=20 points (per style)


For Under 21, Adult & Masters Amateurs

For Amateur competitors competing in over 16 Age Groups (Under 21, Adult & Masters) Bonus Points are awarded on a State basis.

The amount of Bonus Points awarded is calculated each year based on the overall participation rate within a State. These Bonus Points are only applied to 'Competition Level' events.


Open Events

Result Points awarded from OPEN EVENTS are considered as Bonus Points.