RTF Benefits

Recreational Members

RTFs are able to add Recreational Competitors directly to the DSA database. This gives RTFs control over which Recreational Competitor details are held within the DSA database.


RTF Incentive Scheme

DanceSport Australia understands that there are overheads in running a business in both time and money. The RTF Incentive Scheme was introduced to help, in a small way, with these expenses. Essentially 10% of Membership fees are rebated to participating Studios. For more details Click Here.


DSA Logo

RTFs are permitted to use the DanceSport Australia Logo in their advertising. Remember that DanceSport Australia is the only DanceSport body recognised by the Australian Government and the ability to advertise this association is a useful tool in marketing.


DSA Website

A listing on the DSA official website under Recognized Teaching Facilities linked to the 'Learn to Dance' web page.


DSA Marketing


DanceSport Australia marketing will target Registered Training Facilities.


It should be noted that this program is 'a work in progress' and changes will be made during the course of development. DanceSport Australia wishes to affirm its' intention to provide support for all interested parties and looks forward to feedback as to how the RTF Scheme can be improved.