RTF Requirements

As a RTF you will be representing DanceSport Australia on some levels and as such DanceSport Australia does require RTFs to fulfil basic obligations that are essential in running a business and providing a safe environment for its Competitors and Members.

NOTE: This is important ... RTF Membership could be suspended or removed entirely if it is shown that an RTF has failed in its responsibility to provide a safe and legally operated environment for DSA Competitors & Members.

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Business Registration

Participating RTFs must be a business structure recognized by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Your ABN will also be required for payment of the RTF Incentive Scheme.


A Bank Account

A Bank Account is required for any payments from DSA for the RTF Incentive Scheme. No cheques will be issued for Incentive Scheme payments.



RTFs are required to have a minimum of $1,000,000 Public Liability insurance.


Annual Fee

RTFs are required to pay an Annual Membership Fee which is due 1st January each year. No invoices will be issued, on payment of the fee a receipt (PDF) can be downloaded from the RTF On-Line Account.

Payment for your RTF for 2024 will be $50 and is required to be paid online through PayPal. DanceSport Australia does not keep any financial details of the transaction other than the payment confirmation supplied by PayPal.


RTF Principal

Each RTF is required to nominate a 'Principal', this is the person who is in charge of the RTF, in many cases this is the owner of the business but it could also be a 'partner' or 'Director' depending on the entities structure.

The 'Principal' is required to be a Member of DSA and access to the RTF On-Line Account is through the Principal's DSA Member Account.


State and Federal Laws

All RTFs are required to operate in accordance with Local, State and Federal laws. Here are a list of areas that are of particular relevance, however that does not exclude other areas:


Support DanceSport Australia

RTFs are required to actively support the principles of DanceSport Australia and the sporting principles of DanceSport.


DanceSport Australia Logo Policy

RTFs are required to adhere to the DanceSport Australia Logo Policy when using the DanceSport Australia Logo.