RTF Incentive Scheme

DanceSport Australia introduced the RTF Incentive Scheme to assist with the costs associated with their students participating in DSA activities.

That "Registered Teaching Facilities" be encouraged to mentor their students in DanceSport and the DSA structure.

An incentive benefit of 10% to be reimbursed to the RTF on all new paid registrations in the 'Recreational' & Únder 16' Divisions initiated from that facility throughout the calendar year.

A 10% benefit will continue to be reimbursed to that introductory 'RTF' on an annual basis over the full registration period of that competitor.


How this Works

Participating RTFs will receive 10% of all DSA Registration fees paid by students they (the RTF) have added to DSA. It is envisaged that most competitors will start their competitive careers in the Recreational or Under 16 Divisions.

Rebates will be paid at the end of the calendar year directly to the RTF's nominated bank account.


Into the Future

This rebate will continue to be paid to the RTF where the Membership originated regardless of where the competitor may move. That is, the rebate is always paid to the RTF that initially joined the competitor.

The 10% rebate will also continue should the competitor change from the Recreational Division to the Amateur Division.


The Fine Print

This arrangement is agreed between DanceSport Australia and the RTF only – not between DanceSport Australia and a coach or such other person.

This arrangement is not transferable. Should a Studio change ownership a new application for Registration will be required.

The rebate will only be paid to 'Active' Studios within the Studio Incentive Scheme. Studios that have not paid their Studio Registration or have been set to 'Inactive' due to other circumstances will forfeit any rebate.

Competitor/Member registration must be continuous for this reimbursement agreement to continue.