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its the DanceSport Australia November 2017 Update

Welcome to DSA newsletter for November. This edition is packed full of important updates and handy information.

In this issue we talk about:

  • President's message
  • Adjudicators code of conduct - new rules
  • Concussion policy
  • Dress code - enforced from Aussies onwards
  • Caring for your feet - part 2
  • Strictly Recreational - attention coaches
  • Dance Boss application - Channel Seven
  • So you want to be a coach or adjudicator?
  • WA Open DanceSport spectacular
  • Automatic elevation
  • New - WDSF Athletes 'e-Cards'

And the next three months of competitions

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President's message

DanceSport members, competitors and supporters, 2017 has seen a modest growth in competitive numbers although there is a slight decline in Amateur Competitor numbers. The decline in Amateur numbers will continue as the average age of our competitors continues to rise. To state the obvious, development must be the No. 1 priority for the foreseeable future.

All DanceSport development starts with our 'grass roots' section, the Recreational Division. I cannot stress enough that this area of DanceSport competition is underpinned by various State Sports Department's definitions of a Recreational Sport: fun, accessible to all and at minimal cost. DanceSport Australia respects these principles and will continue to monitor and, where necessary, modify rules to ensure entry costs are kept to a minimum.

The Recreational Division (and the Amateur Juvenile section) have 'restricted dress' and 'restricted syllabus' requirements. The purpose of these is to reduce cost and emphasise to competitors that competition is about how you dance, NOT what you wear. For the record; there has been no change in the 'restricted dress' rules or 'restricted syllabus'; the Recreational Division requirements are the same as the 'old' Level 1 requirements.


DanceSport Australia policy on concussion

Concussion Policy

Concussion can affect anyone

Sport-related concussion is a growing health concern in Australia. It affects athletes at all levels of sport, from part-time recreational to full-time professionals.

More focus on managing concussion

Concerns about the incidence of concussion and possible health ramifications for athletes has led to an increased focus on the importance of diagnosing and managing the condition safely.

Participant safety and welfare is paramount when dealing with all concussion incidents.


DanceSport Australia has introduced a Concussion Policy in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Sport and AMA guidelines and with kind assistance from Dancesport WA at the National Directors Meeting held in Melbourne on 14 October 2017.

Read more

Update to Adjudicator's Code of Conduct

Attention: Adjudicators - New Rules

Expanded to cover social media

Due to the popularity of social media we have expanded the Code of Conduct to cover this area.

The essence of the new rule, in plain English, is:

  • Adjudicators must not post, 'like' (and use emojis) or comment on any social media in relation to any DSA competition at which they are officiating.
  • Further, they must not allow their image to be used. For example, photos of couples with Adjudicators are not acceptable and must not be posted by a third party.

Click here for detailed information

Alert! Know the Dress Code Policy

Alert! Know the Restricted Dress Code Policy

In recent years the dress code has not been adhered to, therefore dancers are not competing on a level basis. As we head towards the Australian Championships in December, please note:

  • The DSA dress code policy was formulated to create an even playing field in the:
    • Juvenile Amateur Division
    • Recreational Division
  • In the Juvenile Amateur Division particularly, the dress code policy was designed to make it affordable and accessible for all our young competitors and their families.

DSA is determined to enforce the dress code rules as they appear in the policy section.

It is very important coaches, competitors and parents read the code thoroughly and make themselves very familiar with what dancers are allowed to wear for their particular level.

Coaches please not there has been no changes to this policy with respect to the introduction of the Recreation Division. Restricted Dress that was appropriate for Level 1 (E Grade) competitors is the same for all Recreational Division events.

Please contact any queries

Read policy here

Top tips for looking after your feet - part two

Caring for your feet - Part 2

Top tips for looking after your most vital asset

  • Shoes - the importance of being well fitted
  • Legs up the wall
  • Stretching
  • Love those calluses
  • The downside of toenail polish
  • How to deal with those pesky blisters

Click here to read on for details

Dancing Recreational means dancing strictly restricted syllabus

Dancing Recreational means dancing strictly restricted syllabus

It's not just strictly ballroom in DanceSport - it's Strictly Recreational - as there is a restricted syllabus.

Restricted syllabus

Recreational Division has a restricted syllabus of which many teachers are not aware. It is a simpler syllabus so dancers can focus on technique and the basics

It's the same syllabus as for the old E grade and Level 1 Division.

Some of the steps for Cha Cha are:

  • Basic Movements - Closed, Open, In Place
  • Spot Turns - to Right, to Left
  • Switch Turns - to Right, to Left
  • New York - to Left Side Position, to Right Side Position
  • Fan, etc

Click here to read on for details

Dance Boss applications

Dance Boss applications

Closing 24 November, 2017

Channel Seven are looking for very good dancers who work full-time (in a different occupation) but have a flair for dance.

They are offering cash prizes in a show that celebrates the human passion for dance.

Click here to apply

So you want to be a Coach or Adjudicator?

So you want to be a Coach or Adjudicator?

Find out about the Accreditation Process

While it is a DSA process, it starts locally and is overseen by the State Board.

The most important parts of the process are:

There are two main categories:

    • Assistant DanceSport Instructor
    • DanceSport Instructor
    • Coach
    • Elite Coach
    • Competition
    • Championship
    • National Championship levels

Reprinted from Focus online magazine. For more details, click here.

WA Open Championship

WA Open Championship

The WA Open Dancesport Championship was held on Saturday 28 October and it was a fabulous day. This event has a 32-year history with a proud list of well-known champions.

Some of the highlights were:

  • Growth in numbers
  • Great volunteers
  • Pumped afternoon competition
  • Fabulous evening show
  • Major sponsor: Healthway

Read more about it here.

New - WDSF Athletes 'e-Cards'

All WDSF registered athletes and DSA competitors registering with WDSF, please note.

Already have a valid plastic WDSF ID card?

WDSF will send instructions how to convert to the new e-Card. Applies to existing and active WDSF athletes.

Note that applicants now pay WDSF directly online when applying.

Questions? Email DSA CEO Steve Edwards at


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