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DSA COVID-19 Update

DanceSport Australia COVID-19 Update


Although the numbers of cases of Coronavirus in Australia have not yet escalated as in Europe, we are very aware of the strain in our community and like you, want to act responsibly and minimise risk as much as possible to our friends and love ones.

To align with Government directives of pre-emptive action, we have postponed the following DanceSport Australia organised competitions;

Queensland Open
South Australian Open
NSW Open

Others may also need to cancel or postpone. Decisions will be made closer to the Events as the status of the Covid-19 becomes clearer in the ensuing months.

Now is the time to adapt to the swiftly changing global landscape.

- We encourage our members to use their common sense if they wish to continue dance lessons at their studio.

- If in isolation and wish to continue with lessons, to explore the possibility of skype or other online learning options.

- To be vigilant in the practice of common-sense health policies as outlined by government directives.

- Watch out for opportunities to compete in the online events.

These are challenging times, the world is taking unprecedented measures to slow down a global virus in ways it could not in previous centuries. We as an industry need to take our place in responsible actions and mitigate the risks to our members, families and communities. As in all difficulties, we will get through this together.

Yours Sincerely,
Gordon Gilkes
President DanceSport Australia


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