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Recreational Age Groups

The Recreational Age Groups mirror the existing age groups used for Amateur Division. The 'Year of Birth' and not the 'Birth Date' will be the reference point used for determining a competitors age.

This will;

  1. Give Competitors (and parents) consistency over the calendar year. Competitors can plan the years activities without having to factor in the movement to another Age Group.

  2. Brings DanceSport in line with other Recreational bodies and School PE programs. This also keeps us consistent with other DanceSports Organisations.

  3. Removes a huge administrative burden that would be required for tracking individual birth dates.

For example the Age Groups for the 2022 Competition Year will be as follows;

Age Group



Under 21
16 to 20

2002 to 2006

2003 to 2007

21 to 34

1988 to 2001

1989 to 2002

Masters 1
35 to 49

1973 to 1987

1974 to 1988

Masters 2
50 to 59

1963 to 1972

1964 to 1973

Masters 3
over 60

1962 & earlier

1963 & earlier


NOTE: It is important to understand that these Age Groups are how Recreational Competitors are recorded within the database system and not the scope of Events a Competition may run. For example a competition may run an Event for children under the age of 8. In this case the Competition Organiser has set a specific age restriction for that Event.