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To the Competition Organiser

The On-Line Entry/Ticket System is a DanceSport Australia service and is FREE for all DSA registered competitions.

The design intent of this system is to reduce the administrative burden of running DanceSport competitions. All data collected is verified against the P5000 database and all required CID Numbers are automatically attached the the entry data.

Organisers Please NOTE:
This is a TRUE On-Line System that is fully integrated with the DSA P5000 database. It is NOT a simple web form that collects unvalidated data.


As entries are directly linked to the P5000 database (where everyone's Points and Grades are kept) all competitors can view what Competitions and Events they have entered directly from their P5000 account.


On the technical side ... entries received can be viewed and if required edited directly by Authorised Users that the Competition Organisers designate. This allows real time access by multiple Authorised Users who can be allocated privileges of various levels.

At the conclusion of the 'entry period' the Competitor List (including the required CID data) is exported to the DanceScore Scrutineering System. No re-entry or typing of data reduces wasted time and removed human error.

Competition Organisers who want to use this system need to contact the DanceSport Australia Team at:


Privacy Statement

DanceSport Australia take all reasonable steps to secure your data.

Collection of your Email Address is for the sole purpose of contacting you about matters concerning your Entry and DanceSport Australia registered Competitions.

At no time will your Email Address (or any other personal information) be passed on to a third party.