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National Council Election for 2019 is now live

The 2019 DanceSport Australia National Election is now LIVE.

National Councillors will be elected for a two-year term of office. The Council will consist of:

6 x General Member Representatives - elected by all full Members of DSA

2 x Competitor Representatives - elected by the registered competitors only

2 x Coach Representatives - No vote is required for the Coach category which has only two candidates. Both Coach representitives are now elected unopposed.

To view all Candidate profiles Click Here.


All votes are submitted through a Member's DanceSport Account. All eligible Members will have a 'National Election' button in their account which will disappear once they have cast their vote.

For more instructions Click Here.


How To Vote - Instructions

1. Login to your Member Account

All votes are submitted through the Member's Login. Members eligible to vote will find a 'Vote' button which will disappear once the Member has cast their vote. The 'Vote' button will only show once the election is active.

If you have misplaced your password Don't Panic!!!
Click here to go to the Administration Team portal to request a new password.


2. Read the Candidate Profiles

All eligible Members will be able to select up to six (6) candidates in the General Category. Those Members that are registered as Amateur or Professional competitors will also be able to select two (2) candidates from the Competitor Category. Registered Coaches will also be able to select two (2) candidates from the Coaching Category.


3. Review and Confirm

A review screen will display the candidates selected; you may return to the start to re-select or confirm the selection. Once confirmed the 'National Voting' button will be removed from the Member's Account.

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