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Ranking System

The DanceSport Australia Ranking System has been designed to award points to couples based on their performance and the frequency they compete. This encourages emerging couples to participate in competitions to improve their Ranking.

Points are calculated on the number of couples competing in the Event. For example if there were 12 couples in the Event the winner would be awarded 12 points, second place 11 points, third 10 points, etc... Points are then accumulated from one Competition to the next Competition.

In instances where couples are tied on the same Points the couple who has obtained those Points competing in the fewest events will have the higher Ranking. If couples have the same Points and have competed in the same number of events then they will share the same Ranking.

This system is a continuous Ranking System, that is a 'Rolling' system where Points are dropped off after 1 year. This is automatically generated by the Ranking code after Points are added from a competition.