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DanceSport Australia registered coaches who specialise in lessons of dance theory who provide on-line content.

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Accreditation On-Line Lessons and Resources

During this COVID-19 period all DSA Accreditation Applications are free of charge!!! Listed below are a selection of on-line resources to help with your accreditation study.
*DSA Registered Teaching Facilities - send us your on-line teaching details and we will add them to the list.


DanceSport Kingdom

DanceSport Kingdom On-Line Classes


The DanceSport Lab

DanceSport Lab Accreditation Classes
Register your interest now. Email:


Scrutineering 101

Scrutineering 101

A beginners guide to the Skating System,
great reading for competitors and parents.


Scrutineering Study Book

Scrutineering Tutorial Book

by Martha Williams
A complete study guide to help you pass the DSA scrutineering exam.
Latest version - updated 28 May 2020


Don McRobert - Wendon Dance Studio

Don McRobert

Specialist Dance Technique Training
For qualifications to train coaches, examiners and judges. Numbers limited.
Contact Don, Fellow of the Imperial Society (London)