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On-Line Dance Classes provided by
DanceSport Australia RTFs

Schools, studios and clubs that are recognised by DanceSport Australia are called Registered Teaching Facilities or RTFs. A DanceSport Australia Registered Teaching Facility complies with a "Code of Conduct" so you can be confident with their Accredited teaching standards and ethical behavior.

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Registered Studios offering on-line lessons

*DSA Registered Teaching Facilities - send us your on-line teaching details and we will add them to the list.

Champions 4 Dance
Paul Green – and his whole team of teachers offering a large selection of online lessons

DanceSport Kingdom
Monica Fincham - offering a large range of group & private lessons including wedding lessons

DanceSport Lab
Nathan Meyers & Meagen Alderton – going completely online this week with group sessions, private and online workshops

DanceSport Westside
Bec Toal - offering group & private lessons

Gold Coast Kids Academy
Mark & Annemarie Wilson - Online lessons in DanceSport, Ballet and Tap

Just Dance Cairns
Kevin & Riana Morellini - now offering online classes and private lessons
Contact Kevin & Riana for more information
Mob: 0416 703 414 or Email:

Learn 2 Dance
All classes are now online, with private lessons coming soon.

Marshere Dance Studios
Mark O’Donoghue – whole franchise offering online lessons

Matt Rooke & Karla Gerbes
FREE Ballroom, Latin and Pilates training sessions online.
Live streaming several times week. Check website for program.

Melbourne Dance Academy
Shynea Clarke – has been operating online offering group and private lessons to all the kids that have already been in isolation

Monique Savill – DWM Studios
Currently offering online social classes and private lessons and tuition. Monique also offers a range of alternative dance styles.

Orchard’s Dance Studio
Offering online tutorials for all their kid’s classes

Wendon Dance Studio
Don McRobert and the Wendon Team - conducting online dance classes with your usual teachers!