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DSA Athlete Licence

The 2021 fee for an Athlete Licence for under 16 years of age is $30.

The 2021 fee for an Athlete Licence for 16 years and over is $50.

Proof of Age documents are not required to be submitted with this Application, however DanceSport Australia reserves the right to request and sight Proof of Age documents for any competitor. Disqualification will occur if competitors dance in the incorrect category.

Email Address:
First Name:
Last Name:
No. & Street
Phone (include area code)
Mobile Phone
Birth Date:
Select Your Studio - Registered Teaching Facility
If you do not have a RTF then leave this section blank.
If the applicant is under the age of eighteen (18) years include the full name of parent or legal guardian

I understand and hereby undertake to abide by, support, promote and submit to the DSA anti-doping policy, the DSA Constitution and the DSA competition rules and DSA policies. I am aware that if I violate any of these I may be subject to disciplinary sanctions and/or may injure myself or others.

I understand that I must be fit and healthy to register or renew my membership and before I register or compete in any dance competition/event. I also understand and declare that I am not aware of any condition that may affect my health, co-ordination or ability to compete or that may hinder my ability to do so, or that could create any potential hazard or risk for other competitors or observers.

By selecting 'I Agree' and proceeding, you are representing that you have read and agree to the DSA anti-doping policy, the DSA Constitution, DSA competition rules and policies and that you are fit and healthy for the event type you are competing in.

I Agree, click here to continue

If the applicant is under the age of eighteen (18) then this consent must be acknowledged by the applicant's parent or legal guardian

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Clicking on the 'Submit' button below will submit your Athlete Application. You will be notified on the Email Address given in this application when your registration is completed, at which time you may Login to your new DSA Account and pay the Registration Fee. No payment is required now.


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Any queries with this procedure should be sent via the 'Contact Form'.

An Athlete Licence

The DSA Athlete Licence allows holders to compete in DanceSport Australia registered competitions for events that are not part of the U/16, Recreational, Amateur or Professional Divisions (this includes cross Divisional events such as Pro/Am & Coach Student). Licence holders would be participating in events such as Olympic selection for Breaking, Parra Dance, All Abilities, etc.

The Athlete Licence is a competitive registration only (similar to Recreational) and do not carry the right to vote in DSA elections or gain DSA Accreditation.