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Recreational Division FAQ


What happens if I am called up to the Chairman of Adjudicators on the day of a competition?


A Chairman’s main role is to ensure a safe environment for all dancers to compete in and that DanceSport Australia’s rules are upheld. All sports have rules and officials who uphold those rules. Some sports call these people umpires, officials and so on; DanceSport Australia has a ‘Chairman of Adjudicators’. If you are called up to the Chairman of Adjudicators this will most likely mean that a DanceSport Australia rule has been broken. The two most common reasons a competitor would be asked to see the Chairman is for a breach of the DSA Dress Code or the DSA Approved Syllabus. There are other reasons, but these two are the most common. The Chairman will often ask, where possible, for the coach to accompany the couple so that the breach in question can be clearly explained and understood. It is important to understand that if you have been asked to see the Chairman of Adjudicators this does not necessarily mean that your results will be compromised or that any action will be taken on the day. If it is the first time for such a breach it is usually more an education exercise for the competitor/coach concerned. Repeat offenders of breaching DSA rules can be disqualified from a specific event at a competition, but not the entire competition.