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Dancesport NSW Open Championships

The recently renovated Round House at UNSW has proven to be a great venue for NSW to bring together its finest dancers. This premier event didn’t disappoint, with great facilities, beautiful sound, lighting and ambience all providing the stage for our dancers to perform at their best. 

Great team effort

The NSW state branch pulled together to provide a well-run program that provided this much-needed Championship in NSW. The fields and audience were consistent all day, culminating in the spectacular competitions of our amateur Standard and Latin competitors.

Chairman's award

Neale and Nicole Byrnes were the worthy recipients of the Chairman’s award for their significant contribution to the industry through their not-for-profit program Dance Move Engage. 

Sponsors and winners

Our fabulous sponsors and winners of the main events were:

Thank you to our valuable sponsors - we are most appreciative and without you our competitions would not be feasible.


Dancesport NSW Open Championships

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