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Renewing Your 2018 Registration Online – via your credit card or Pay Pal account


Applies to existing members only

For existing DSA Recreational, Amateur, Professional and Accredited members, the steps are as follows:

  1. Login to your ‘P5000’ account. If you have forgotten your login details, there is a password reset process on the login page.

  2. If the current year subscription is unpaid, a 'Payment Required' page will display showing your current status and a ‘Click Here to start Payment Process’ button (yellow).

  3. This will bring up your ‘Member Payment for 2018’ page showing the amount owing. DO NOT PROCEED if the details do not match your intended payment. Any errors in your Member Account must be corrected before proceeding with payment.

  4. Compliance with DSA Rules statement (this is the electronic version of the printed form) is required. Check the ‘I Agree’ box at the bottom of the statement. This will then display the PayPal link.

  5. At this point you are automatically transferred to the PayPal website, where the payment is processed.

  6. Upon completion of a successful payment process DSA is notified and, once an Administrator has checked the details, your account will be updated. This is not an instant process; it may take several hours depending on the Administrator’s availability.

Log into "P5000" here and start the online renewal process.

Not for 'New' members

Those registering for the first time and wanting to become a member neither apply for membership nor make fee payments online. This must be done by contacting your State Registrar.

For any other inquiries regarding membership renewal, please either "Contact administration"


Renewing Your 2018 Registration Online – via your credit card or Pay Pal account

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