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Dancing Recreational means dancing strictly restricted syllabus

It’s not just strictly ballroom, it’s a restricted syllabus

Recreational events have now been around for three years and provide a safe, fun environment where competitors can get their ‘training wheels’ before joining the Amateur Division.

Restricted syllabus for Recreational Division

Many teachers, and therefore students, are not aware that there is a strict syllabus for Recreational Division. It is a simpler program but defined, so dancers can focus on technique and basics. Many recreational competitors are unknowingly breaking the rules. It is EXACTLY the same restricted syllabus used in the previous Level 1/E Grade Divisions. Also it is the same syllabus used for Amateur Division Juveniles. For the full list of figures go to here.

Recreational competitors rely on their instructors

Our Recreational competitors rely on you - their instructors - to inform them of the permitted figures and dancing them in the correct holds, timing and amount of turn as specified in the strict syllabus approved by DSA.

As one of Australia's well respected coaches said, "There is no reason why you cannot create an interesting routine given all the figures and variations available".

Instructors need to teach recreational competitors as per strict syllabus

For instance, these are the figures for two of the main events for our Recreational Division:

Recreational Waltz restricted syllabus

Recreational Cha Cha restricted syllabus

Recreational Division has RESTRICTED syllabus

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