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Inspire fellow Victorians to try out dancing with five free classes in April

The Premier’s Active April (PAA) campaign is part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to promote healthy, active lifestyles and have Victorians physically active.

The campaign runs for the entire month of April and offers prizes to Victorian schools, workplaces and individuals for being more active.

Help others jump on board the Premier’s Active April campaign

The Victorian government wants us to inspire our fellow Victorians to dance, and by dancing to increase their physical activity. 

DSV is advertising through the vibrant PAA website – free ‘try out’ dance lessons – to the public. 

This is for any DSV member studios that want to join the campaign.
Details are all on the special PAA DanceSport website

Spread the word for five free dance classes

Please inspire Victorians to come and try five free dance classes by:

The five free Ballroom, New Vogue and Latin classes are offered in group classes, which will give a shared experience. Group classes also provide the potential to make new friends.

Tremendous dance school and studio support

Over 40 dance schools and studios across Victoria are participating in the PAA. 
Now get them as many new dancers as possible!

Each participating dance school or studio is listed on the PAA DSV website with the following details:

The website is comprehensive and has been designed to make it easy for people to find their nearest dance school or studio.

All the participating dance schools and studios are Registered Training Facilities (RTFs) with DanceSport Australia. 

This means they are recognised by our sport's governing body and abide by a Professional Code of Conduct. 

Geoff Vine, Chairman of DanceSport Australia’s Marketing and Communication Commission, says, "We had had great support last year and look forward to more RTFs getting value from this program. This is great timing for our industry and can ride on the back of the ‘Dancing With The Stars’ TV show. Let’s pull together and provide a compelling offer for the benefit of Victorians. Giving five free dance classes is a very generous offer."

Bonus prize draw

Participants trying their five free dance classes go in a prize draw, with the chance to win one of the following:

H2: DanceSport is a Major Partner for PAA!

The generous offer and industry support put together by DanceSport Victoria has given us ‘Major Partner’ status in the Premier’s Active April campaign.

This means DanceSport will be extensively promoted alongside high profile organisations such as:

Check us out on the Major Supporters page on the PAA site.
Any queries contact Geoff Vine, Marketing Exec at or 0408189295.

Inspire fellow Victorians to try out dancing with five free classes in April

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