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Exciting changes to accreditation; simplified process and one exam

From 1 August 2019 there will be some major changes to accreditation exams and the introduction of a new junior mentoring program.

These changes are designed to improve the pathways for becoming:

Simplified Process

The Education committee together, with the Accreditation Commission, have developed a single technical exam for both coaching and adjudicating candidates at:

The syllabus of figures is unchanged for the Level 1 exams; however the Level 2 exams have been expanded to cover some (not all) Level 3 figures (i.e. elite coach/national championship adjudicator syllabus).

One exam for two outcomes

Once successfully completed this technical exam can be used for both streams without having to repeat.

All other components for either stream will still need to be completed for successful accreditation, unless previously awarded in which case the dual accreditation will be granted automatically.

Once a candidate applies for accreditation they will receive an information booklet containing details of the exam, including the full database of possible questions for each dance, as currently occurs with the adjudicating exams.

People who have already applied for accreditation may, until 31 December 2019, choose which version of the exam they wish to sit.

Anyone who has completed an adjudicating accreditation may apply for instructor/coach accreditation via Recognised Prior Learning.


Junior mentoring program

Due to changes in the Teacher\Recreational rules this program is being introduced to retain Juniors, who can enter Teacher\Student events as the Teacher whilst still being able to dance in their own events.

Opportunity to become assistant teachers

DSA is introducing a junior mentoring program aimed at young up-and-coming stars in the junior competitive age group:

Successful candidates would not be permitted to take private lessons or teach classes, but only to assist accredited coaches. An important component is having a mentor (RTF principal or coach) work with the junior candidate in an ongoing capacity. (This may involve some training from DSA). Read up on the Junior mentoring program. Find out about the full program here.


Further information

Full details of both initiatives will be included in the next version of the Accreditation Program (Version 9.2), available from 1 August under the Accreditation tab on the DSA website.

Exciting changes to accreditation
Exciting changes to accreditation

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