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Update: ADS State Super Stars - New South Wales

Update: ADS State Super Stars - New South Wales

The ADS New South Wales have now released an update for their Sate Super Star Spectacular which includes a new date, new venue, extra events and new entry payments via the DSA Entry System.


New date: Sunday 18th April 2021

New venue: Petersham Town Hall 


New Syllabus


Extra dances and events have been added to expand the syllabus. This includes...


New Payments


Please note the ADS NSW have gone to a pay per event. These payments must be paid at time of entering. If you don't pay your entry is not valid.

All competitors entry fees include door admission.


Previous Entries for 28 February 2021


IMPORTANT: All Competitors that placed an entry for the date previously advertised will now need to re-enter their events due to the new payment structure and extra added events.

All payments made for this previous date have been refunded.


Entries Now Open


The DSA Entry System is now open for entries. Here is a direct link... Start Entry (


Any further information please contact:

Melinda Hayes

ADS NSW Event Organiser

ADS NSW State Super Star Spectacular

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