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Reduced member fee for Assistant Dance Instructors

Reduced Member Fee for Assistant Dance Instructors (ADI’s)

Fairer Fees

DanceSport Australia has reduced the Membership Fee for those who hold an Assistant Dance Instructor (ADI), i.e. Level 0 qualification, by $85. Previously, any member that held any accreditation for being an instructor paid a minimum fee:

  1. Fee (for any instructor accreditation) for 2019 was $205
  2. Now reduced to $120

The Directors of DanceSport Australia felt this amount was unfair to those who are not fully Accredited Coaches. It appeared that this minimum fee was discouraging Members, who want to improve their knowledge and skills.

Clarity on who can compete in Student/Teacher events

For competition purposes, an ADI can be considered the ‘Teacher’ in Cross-Divisional Teacher/Student events. Further, Amateur competitors with an ADI qualification may still compete as the ‘Student’ in Teacher/Student events.

Who cannot compete in Student/Teacher events

As shown below, those who hold a Coaching Accreditation may not participate as the ‘Student’ in any Teacher/Student event, i.e.

The new ADI Fee for 2019 is $120 and any Member who has already paid the higher amount will be refunded as quickly as possible.


Reduced member fee for Assistant Dance Instructors

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