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Renew your DanceSport Membership for 2024

Renew your DanceSport Membership for 2024

DanceSport Australia Membership registration renewals are now open for the 2024 calendar year.

DanceSport Australia has many dedicated hard-working people focused on delivering a vision for DanceSport here in this country. This vision takes many forms and it is easy to forget that DanceSport Australia is a non-for-profit organisation that relies on its members and volunteers.  It is the Members that democratically run this organisation and as a Member of DanceSport Australia, you are the “life blood” of our sport.

To renew your registration for 2024 simply login to your DSA Member account and follow the payment prompts.


For more information please follow the quick links below:

Click here for instructions on how to renew for 2024

Click here to view registration fees for 2024


If you require a manual password reset or Admin assistance...

Click here for 'Contact Us' form


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