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DanceSport Australia AGM Survey

AGM Time & Date Survey

The Annual General Meeting is DanceSport Australia's most important meeting of the year.

Unfortunately for DSA the timing of this meeting is always controversial as many members attend competitions and lessons on weekends, while others work full time jobs (and other commitments) during the week. The simple fact is that no matter when this meeting is held there will be Members that will have difficulty attending. 

Prior to Covid the AGM was always held with an in-person meeting that was conducted on the same weekend as the full day Director's Meeting. This was always alternated between Sydney and Melbourne leaving many Members unable to attend. Since that time we have all seen technology improve (and cost reductions) so that virtual meets are commonplace. Certainly DanceSport Australia have reduced costs and increased frequency of meetings with the Zoom platform. 

The date of the DSA AGM is determined by the Constitution and legal requirements and has always fallen in the first 2 weeks of October. State bodies also have AGMs that need to take into account the date of the Company AGM. This year is an election year for State Boards, this means that timing of their meetings is Constitutionally important.

Not being a National Election year, there is slightly more latitude with the selection of the date. To explain, in a National Election year the AGM must precede the full day Council Meeting for the ratification of Directors, this is a Constitutional requirement.

The two dates under consideration are a midweek date and a weekend date. To assist DSA Company Directors, a Time & Date Survey has been opened on the DSA Members Portal which allows the selection of a preferred Time and Date.

This survey (voting) system is the same as the one used for National Elections (with a few alterations of course) and is accessible through your Member Portal. Those Members who are on the Electoral Role will see a Survey Button appear in their login.

Please take the time to look at the survey and vote for your preferred time and date.

AGM Survey closes 5pm (AET) Wednesday 31st July 2024

Dallas Williams
CEO DanceSport Australia



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