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Queensland Ultimate Challenge Quad Series

Queensland Ultimate Challenge Quad Series

What is the Ultimate Quad Series?

The Queensland Ultimate Quad Series is an exciting and highly anticipated series of four major events held in the Australian state of Queensland in 2023. These events are known for their competitive and entertaining atmosphere, and they culminate in the crowning of champions across various dance and sporting disciplines. Each of the four events has its own unique characteristics and brings together participants and spectators from across the region, making it a prominent fixture on the Queensland sporting and dance calendar.

Quad Series Events

Crystal Classic

The series begins with the Crystal Classic, a prestigious ballroom dance competition. The Crystal Classic sets the stage for the series by exemplifying the elegance and precision that ballroom dance demands.

Queensland Open

The Queensland Open brings together competitors from all throughout Australia to vie for the title of Queensland Open Champions. The Queensland Open is the second event in the Queensland Ultimate Quad Series.

North Queensland Championships

As part of the series, the North Queensland DanceSport Championships focuses on DanceSport, a unique blend of dance and competitive sport. It is a celebration of rhythm and movement, featuring a variety of dance styles, such as Latin, ballroom, and new vogue.

Queensland Ultimate Challenge

The Queensland Ultimate Challenge serves as the grand finale of the series, and it's the event where champions from the previous three events come together for a final showdown. 



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