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2023 DanceSport Australia National Council Elections Now Open!

2023 DanceSport Australia National Council Elections: Voting Now Open!

Its Official! Voting is Now OPEN for 2023 DSA National Council Election

DanceSport Australia is dedicated to fostering excellence and growth within the DanceSport community. One of the essential pillars of this commitment is the democratic process of electing representatives who will guide the organization forward.

As per the Constitution of DanceSport Australia, the National Council Election will be conducted by an online ballot of eligible DSA members. This is an opportunity for passionate individuals to step forward and serve as Company Directors, contributing to the growth and governance of DanceSport Australia for the next two years.

View the Candidates:

To Vote: Log into your DSA Account Here: 

2023 DSA National Council Election Timeline

1. Voting Opens & Candidate Profiles Online - 1st September 2023
All candidate profiles will be available online on the DanceSport Australia Website from 1st September 2023.  All eligible voting members can submit their anonymous vote via their personal DanceSport Australia portal: Log in... 

Please note voting can only be done online and only one (1) vote can be submitted per member, if you have any issues logging into your account, please contact our administration team... 

This is also great time to check that your details are up to date when you log in to vote.

2. Voting Closes - 5pm AEST 25th September 2023
Voting strictly closes 5pm AEST 25st September 2023 through the DanceSport Australia online portal. 

3. Announcement of Election Results - 26th September 2023
Election results will be announced through the DanceSport Australia Website, blog and by direct newsletter email to all registered members.  


FAQ & Important Information:

Who is Eligible to Nominate?
To be eligible for nomination, candidates must meet specific criteria based on their role within DanceSport Australia:

All Nominees must be:

Coach Representative Nominees must specifically be:

Competitor Representative Nominees must specifically be:

General Member Representative Nominees may be:

How Many Nominees Are Elected?
The National Council will consist of the following elected representatives:

Elected persons will be required to represent DSA as Company Directors and assume the legal responsibilities associated with the role.

Who Can Vote?
To be eligible to cast a vote in the National Council election, you must:

How to Vote?
After viewing our nominees voting is as easy as 1,2,3
Step 1:  Once voting opens on the 1st September 2023 log in to your personal DanceSport Australia Members Portal... using either your CID or registered email address and Password.  There is a password reset option on the page if you have forgotten your password and a CID Look up tool to make finding your CID quick and easy.

Step 2:  If you’re an eligible voting member you will be presented with a green Vote Now Button, click that button.

Step 3:  Complete the online ballot sheet and select confirm and you’re all done.  
It is that easy to have your say and add your contribution to the governance and future of DanceSport Australia!  
Now just, keep an eye on the official DSA website for further updates and the announcement of the election results. 

Good luck to all the candidates!



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