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2023 DanceSport Australia Ltd. AGM NOTICE

2023 DanceSport Australia Ltd. AGM NOTICE

Notice is given that the Annual General Meeting 2023 of DanceSport Australia Limited will be held on:

Date: Saturday 7th October 2023

Time: 4pm Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time


NOTE: Daylight Saving Time starts 1st October 2023 |Meeting Times Nationally - WA :1.00PM, Adelaide Time: 3.30PM, Brisbane : 3PM

The AGM will be held via a Zoom Meeting.


Attendance and Voting Rights

• Only persons whose names are recorded in the National Membership Register (DanceSport Australia Limited membership register for the purposes of the Corporations Act), are considered members of DanceSport Australia Limited.

• Please note that changes (including the entry of names of members) to the National Membership Register will be closed from 1 August 2023 until 31 October 2023.



• A member of DanceSport Australia Limited who is entitled to attend and vote may appoint a person as the member’s proxy to attend and vote for the member at the meeting. 

A proxy need not be a member of DanceSport Australia Limited. A form of proxy for the meeting can be obtained here


• A proxy will not be treated as valid unless the proxy form (or copy thereof) is signed by the member and returned to the CEO by email

at least forty-eight (48) hours before the time and date scheduled for the Annual General Meeting,  4pm AEDST - Saturday 7th October 2023.


If you wish to attend the Annual General Meeting, please contact the CEO by email –

A Zoom Link will be sent to all valid attendees by the return email supplied.


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