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2021 National Council Election Notice

2021 National Council Election Notice

In accordance with the Constitution of DanceSport Australia, the National Council Election - 2021 will be carried out by a ballot of eligible DSA members.

Elected persons will serve as Company Directors for 2 years and be required to assume the legal responsibility of a Company Director as well as attend Director meetings.

For more information about National Voting click here!


Nominations - Eligibility (who may stand)

Current serving members of State Branch Boards, a National Councilor, or those persons who have served a minimum of two (2) years on a Branch Board or National Council are eligible to nominate for election to the National Council. Nominees for representative candidates in the coach and competitor categories must be registered at the time of nomination in the same registration category (coach or competitor) in which they nominate. Any financial Ordinary Member or Life Member may nominate as a representative candidate in the general member category.

Elected persons will be required to to represent DSA as a Company Director and will assume the legal responsibility of a Company Director as directed by ASIC.

Nominations (including photo and resume) can be submitted via email to the General Secretary -

Click Here to review DSA’s National Council Election Regulation Policy.

Nominations for election close on 5pm AEST Friday Aug 6th, 2021. 


Voting - Eligibility (who may vote)

To be eligible to cast a vote in the National Council election you must;

NOTE: Recreational and Athlete License competitors are NOT Full Members however they may apply for an Ordinary Membership and be eligible to vote in State and National elections provided they meet the above criteria.


National Council Election Timeline


Who will be Elected?

The Council will consist of: -

Elected persons will be required to to represent DSA as Company Director and will assume the legal responsibility of a Company Director.


Voting Procedure (how to vote)

The voting procedure is the same as the previous National Council election held two years ago. That is all votes will be cast on-line through your Member Login.

On the Monday 23rd August a 'Vote' button will appear in your on-line account and will remain visible for until you cast your vote. That is the system will close at 5pm Friday 17th September. The 'Vote' button will only appear for those Members who meet the eligibility rules shown above.

Voting information and copies of candidates’ profiles / election statements will be made available to all members in accordance with the registration categories. Members will be required to lodge their votes via their DSA Member Account. The result of the election will be announced upon verification by the Returning Officer and the list of successful candidates will be listed immediately on the DSA website.

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