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Introducing our first presenter for DSV's KickStart 2022 Series - Melissa Thompson

DSV KickStart 2022 Lecture Presenter - Melissa Thompson

Melissa Thompson is a four-time Emmy award-winning television presenter, producer and clinically trained psychotherapist.  Through her company Prime2Perform, Melissa uses her extensive experience from both of her chosen fields to help performers, athletes, competitors and on-camera talent achieve their greatest potential.

When working with dancers, Melissa uses mind/body techniques based in dance movement therapy combined with mental focus training and performance psychology.  She works alongside dancers and their coaches to help identify any emotional or mental hurdles impacting their training and performance and helps them develop strategies to maximize the use of their physical and mental tools. She teaches them how to be calm under pressure which allows them to be more confident, creative and dynamic in their presentation. 

Additionally, as an amateur Latin ballroom competitor herself, Melissa brings first-hand knowledge of some of the challenges in DanceSport faced by her clients.


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